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5 Best Places to visit in Egypt

Village of Nubia

Egypt is an amazing marvel since the genesis of it. The bygone of Egypt elevated since the formation of continents. The great destinations of Egypt are one of the hotspots of African tourism. The sand rush of Egyptian borders has carved the very vaporizing country of Egypt.


Egypt is one of the ancient places of the world, most beautiful and very popular both in terms of culture and architecture. Egyptian travel becomes electrified when you learn about the cultural genesis of the land of pyramids and pharaohs. Culture is embossed within the traditional clutches of civilization with immense depth and sanctification. Here is a list of best sacino club places that you can visit in Egypt.


Cairo being the capital of Egypt, is one of the busiest cities in the African continent. It is the home for a number of pyramids. It presents wonderful treat to the visitors with its complementing traditional euphoria. Since the Egyptian civilization was developed across the river of Nile. Flowing with a similar channel can leave you mesmerized. The city keeps the traveller’s excitement intact. To unfold your trip through the capital of Egypt, Cairo needs nothing more than excitement. Cairo is the good grab of zest and drives your excitement with a kick start. Cairo is the opening charm for the pyramids of the Giza adventure.


Village of Nubian

Egyptians are well known for their hospitality. They welcome the tourists with a warm heart and guide you with appropriate information about the tourist spots. The village compasses splendid architecture and awesome landscape. This place is also called as the village of sunrise because the place glows like sparkling stone when the sun’s rays fall over the entire city. The temples carved out of rock exhibits the spectacular beauty of the village. The Nile flowing through the village provides you with a fun crusade of a motorboat ride, fishing and some amazing food cooked in a traditional way. The city expedition serves a fanatic experience with benchmark memories of complete traditional transformation. Most travellers visit Egypt for its incredible snorkeling and diving into the Blue Hole.

Air museum, Luxor

The Air Museum of Egypt is the world’s largest open museum is in the city of Luxor. The city is highly rich in its heritage and traditions. The entire tour into this beautiful city is better than any window safari. The city covers a number of mosques, tombs and temples that drives you in amusement. The beauty of the city is indeed a jaw-dropping experience. Every corner of the city is of sparking fantasy.

Aswan square

Aswan Square is the traveller’s one of the favourite destinations in Egypt. The city is across the river Nile, which makes the river exploration fun and fascinating. Aswan is well known for its Kom Ombo and Philae Temple. Temple Edfu serves you a great loop the loop experience of wonders through the ancient monuments of Egyptian architecture. The food and cuisine available here are way too delicious.